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Bats in the Attic Chapel Hill

Bats can be found in Chapel Hill attics anytime of the year. During the fall they are finding a place to hibernate. Anyplace in Wake County that remains about 45° F will be fine for the bat colony to hibernate.This is often in the attic of a home. Big Brown Bats are more common to find in buildings but the Little Brown bats can also be found in homes or buildings. In the spring they look for a place for a nesting colony. Many states prohibit bat eviction during the maternity season. This is from May to early August. The best time for eviction is late August through September.

Bat removal if you have a single bat who just wandered in by accident can sometimes be handled by a homeowner. Most often this happens with young bats who may just be learning to fly and are exploring their neighborhood. The best way to handle this situation is to let the bat find the exit. If you can isolated the bat to a single room then you can open all the windows and keep the door to the rest of the house closed. Swatting or chasing the bat will cause erratic behavior as a result of panic. Usually in about 15 minutes the bat will find an opening and exit.

However, if you discover more than one bat or find evidence of a colony in your attic, please consider contacting an expert in bat removal. Some Chapel Hill homeowners will try to use chemical repellents. This is rarely effective. Even if you get the bats to leave using a repellant the odor eventually fades and the bats will return. Also in many states using chemical repellents or poisons on bats is illegal. Bats should be removed using techniques that result in live exclusion.

The building should be completely inspected to find any possible entry points as well as ensuring there are no young present. Evicting the adults leaving babies to die is not a desirable outcome. This will result in unpleasant odor and bug infestation issues. Leaving the primary entry/exit points open, any other openings can be sealed before the eviction to limit the possibility of reentry. Bat removal professionals will be able to determine which openings are the primary entry/exit points. Once all the bats are out then you can permanently seal the opening. After the exclusion, the cleaning and decontamination should be done in a safe and thorough manner.

Little Brown Bats and Big Brown Bats are the most common bats found in homes in the U.S. Bats eat a large amount of insects, one bat can eat nearly 3,000 insects each night. This makes them vital to our ecosystem. Bats can carry rabies and many people believe that all bats have rabies. This is not true, less 1% of bats have rabies. While rabies is not a high risk the droppings (guano) and urine can result in odors issues or even bug infestations.

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